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Fruits and Vegetables
Glass Vases
Hot Pinks
Shades of Blues
Shades of Oranges and Yellows
Shades of Peach
Shades of Purples
Shades of Soft Pinks
Trees and Plants and Cacti and Succulents
Twigs and Foliages
Whites and Creams


Floral Shades of Purples

Lav/Grn.Hydrangea Superb W: 0 H: 730 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Lav/Grn Rose Duchess S.Stm. W: 0 H: 500 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Aubergine Tulip Full Bloom H:500mm

Aub.'Dried Feel' Hydrangea W: 0 H: 760 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Lav/Green Rose 'Antique' W: 0 H: 580 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Mauve Ruffled Rose Spray W: 0 H: 400 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Mixed Fritillaria Bundle H:400mm

Grn/Mauve Ranunculus Posy H:500mm

Pale Lilac Dephinium Gdn. :900mm

Pale Lilac Flag Iris H:700mm

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